Intel Atom 330 upgrade option for Eee PC 1000

Written by Aldrin Cantos on October 15, 2008 – 11:35 am -

intel atom 330 dual coreWhen Intel announced the Intel Atom 330 Dual Core last month, we thought it won’t fit on existing netbooks, as it requires a different chipset, a cooler place inside the case, plus expertise on soldering 473 pins. Intel also does not want to see any netbook or notebook having Atom 330 inside, or those who attempt to launch one will be heavily penalized. In other words, only nettops and desktops shall have Intel Atom 330 Dual Core inside. All these I learned from Fudzilla.

But somehow, an upgrade option is being offered by PC Corner for Asus Eee PC 1000 series netbooks bought from their store between October and December. To be able to do so, an upgrade on the chassis will be required as well and I have no idea if the Atom 330 will come along with the replacement chassis, or the engineers will attach it manually on the new chassis. And regarding Intel’s penalty, I don’t want to know about it yet.

Anyone availed the upgrade yet? Let us know how it went.


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How To make Eee PC 1000H even cooler

Written by Aldrin Cantos on September 19, 2008 – 2:23 am -

eee pc 1000h hack

While we haven’t heard news about overheating Eee PC 1000H (or we’re just not tuned in), Andrew Chapman has discovered a way to release few degrees of heat out of the system, thus keeping your Eee PC cool. He’s running his Eee PC at 2Ghz.

The hack is very simple which includes removing screws, cutting tin foil, and putting them back together. Oh, and he mentioned you need a screw driver and a cutter knife to do this. Which are by the way just inside your kitchen drawers.

via liliputing


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How to Upgrade MSI Storage on MSI Wind and Eee PC 1000H

Written by Aldrin Cantos on September 16, 2008 – 6:25 am -

Netbooks are the current BIG thing in the gadget galaxy, like every BIG manufacturers of electronic devices are jumping in the bandwagon trying to get a bite of the pie. Netbooks are small, “so much ultra-portable”, fast, reliable and most importantly, very affordable (not all). When first generation netbooks came out, users have been satisfied of most of the features, but annoyances about the very limited disk space was heard from the majority. The next generation of the latter tried to address this issue but with extra cost. But some people prefer to upgrade disk space themselves, at least they know and everyone knows they can do it. And these guys, I really admire their works because their talents is something that I am deprived of having.

Watch the videos posted by Electric Vagabond


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Asus Eee PC 1000H runs Leopard, No Audio Out

Written by Aldrin Cantos on September 9, 2008 – 4:53 am -

Mac Netbook
A Mac enthusiast, Scott Gilbertson, was able to install Leopard on his Eee PC 1000H, having no problem on all drivers except for sound. A major problem indeed, but not a big deal for most of us. But according to the Scott Gilbertson, he kept the Windows XP on his Eee PC in case he wants to watch movies or listen to musics. Pretty wise.

Everything on the OS X EeePC works except for sound; there’s no audio out. This may seem like a biggie, but Gilbertson says he keeps a copy of Windows XP on the machine in case he wants to watch a movie on the plane. He simply boots into Windows instead of OS X.

via bbGadgets


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Know how good Asus Eee PC 1000H is

Written by Aldrin Cantos on August 27, 2008 – 9:28 am -

eee 1000hIt’s really an advantage in doing reviews of new products if you can easily get it to your hand just like liliputing, jkkmobile, Engadget and all others. But the advantage for me who cannot afford to get a new unit since no one wants to buy my Eee 701 is that I can just read on what others wrote, re-arrange words a bit, put lovely links and post it on my blog, which I don’t want to do for all my life.

And there I just read some convincing Pros and not too bad Cons I want to share it with you as well.

  • The Asus Eee PC 1000H appears impressive to me and here are some notable points.
  • The Eee 1000H starts up with Windows pretty quickly which also has very good performance on applications.
  • Very light on battery.
  • Has perfect-size screen.
  • Larger keyboard.
  • Multi touch trackpad.
  • The matte screen doesn’t reflect glare.

via [liliputing]


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Limited Edition Eee PC 1000H for Koreans

Written by Aldrin Cantos on August 12, 2008 – 11:56 pm -

Koreans are known to be stylish when it comes to clothing and dressing up. And now they are gonna have a taste of a fashionable Eee PC 1000H in Red that they deserve. And it’s Limited.

Limited Edition Eee PC 1000H

via CoolestGadgets


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